Nail Paint

There’s no better way to mix up your beauty routine than by making over your nails! And Nail one has got you covered there. Providing professional gel nail polish service, you can look forward to professional-quality tips all with just booking your appointment with us.

Discover our range of gel nail colours that last twice as long as regular nail polish! They are chip- free, and feel more natural than acrylic, and they are so irresistibly glossy. Opt for a gel manicure or pedicure at Bubbles to start catching compliments wherever you go!



The nail care industry has been growing like never before ever since the invention of modern nail polish. Nail art is also a way to create its own identity through fashion. charms are one of the best services for nail art in Hyderabad. We offer the best quality nail art services with professional staff.
Nothing is trending about nail fashion, so we keep on designing and experimenting with new nail designs that look rich and fabulous. We use the best nail extension products for our customers. Nail art has come a long way from simple multi-colored nails. Seasonal nail art is one of the most popular requests that nail technicians get from their clients.

Regardless of how curly or wavy your hair is, this hair treatment can restructure it and give you poker-straight hair. Rather than smoothing or treating with keratin, hair relaxants are used to change the structure of your hair and strengthen your hair connections.

Designs of Nail Art

Acrylic : This is a 3D Technique – 3D nail art will be made separately from the nail, and then assembled on the nail to form a design.

Summer :
It is seasonal nail art. Every girl choosing the summertime manicure follows the stylish trends of the season.

Manicure :
A manicure usually consists of filing and shaping the free edge of nails, pushing and clipping on the nails. The treatment is mentioned as a pedicure treatment.

Coffin :
These nails are a cross between rounded and square they have a tapered shape with a flat top towards the end of the nail. Whether you like to wear them short, medium, or long with our convenience

Glitter :
Glitter can be seen as a tool of fashion used by various subcultures for nails, as it allows for a visible statement to be worn and seen on the fingers.

Artificial nails :
It is an extension of fingernails as fashion accessories.fake nails are only used for fashion. They will use mimic on nails to look like real fingernails

French :
characterized by a lack of artificial base color and white tips at the free edge of the nail. The nail tips are painted white, while the rest of the nails are polished in a pink or a suitable nude shade.

Gel :
gel nails are manicure products that can be used as nail polish to create artificial nail extensions. They are hardened using ultraviolet light. They last longer than regular nail polish and do not chip.


If you have any questions about our perm services, please contact us. A free consultation with one of our talented team members is recommended before your service, to ensure that the service will be suitable for your hair type. Perming may not be suitable for heavily highlighted hair.