It is the one of the most commonly requested salon service for skin lightning and discoloration. Many of us are apprehensive still, thinking it to be harsh on skin. Our experts at VLCC suggest products which are mild on skin and come with no side effects.

Now bid Adieu to uneven skin tone with VLCC Bleach that comes in 5 variants to suit different skin types and different pockets. Choose from our regular range of herbal, oxygen, gold and diamond bleach or try our exclusive protein Fruit bleach to get a radiant glow like never before.

We finish the clean-up with a pack best suited for your skin type.

  • Blueberry pack for Dry Skin 
  • Insta Glow Pack for Normal Skin 
  • Cucumber Pack for Oily Skin 
  • Clove Pack for Acne Prone Skin