Perming, or permanent waving, is a fantastic way to add volume and texture to hair in the form of waves or curls. With lived-in hair being a popular look right now, perming can add natural-looking volume and bring some life to hair that tends to be on the limp side. If you have naturally curly hair, a perm can be used to alter the curl size and make the curls easier to manage.

A hair fashion that was madly popular in the 80s, perms have seen a major comeback in recent years. Current perm styles tend to be softer and more natural looking than some of the tighter, frizzier perms of yesterday.



Perming is a great way to add texture, movement, and liveliness to your hair. Perms can be customized to create a desired texture, suit your hair condition, and fit in with your personal style.

Regardless of how curly or wavy your hair is, this hair treatment can restructure it and give you poker-straight hair. Rather than smoothing or treating with keratin, hair relaxants are used to change the structure of your hair and strengthen your hair connections.

Ingredients to Use in Hair Perming

Perming services usually take 2-2.5 hours, depending on hair length, thickness and condition..

  • Includes blow dry/finish
  • Consult required for clients new to perming.
  • Please note: A deposit is required within 24 hours of booking. Once you’ve booked your appointment, our salon coordinator will contact you with payment methods & options.
Hair stylist prepares woman makes curls hairstyle with curling iron. Long light brown natural hair

Prices vary depending on the stylist, for example: Level 1 services are from $175+. See our Pricing page for more details.

If you have any questions about our perm services, please contact us. A free consultation with one of our talented team members is recommended before your service, to ensure that the service will be suitable for your hair type. Perming may not be suitable for heavily highlighted hair.


Body Perm Volume

Volume body perms are ideal for thin and damaged hair since they employ emollient chemicals and heat. You can use this treatment regularly to boost the volume of your hair. It’s not like traditional hair treatments, which utilise harsh chemicals and high heat.