Cleanup Services

Waxing is a semi-permanent means of hair removal with results that can last up to six weeks (depending on your hair growing cycle). Waxing is ideal for the face, arms, legs, and large areas like the back, or bikini line.

This process involves applying warm (not hot) wax to the treatment area. Hair needs to be a little longer for waxing than it does for threading. Longer hair adheres more securely to the linen strips that are used to quickly remove waxed hair from the desired location.

Apart from waxing, our beauty salon also offers professional level threading services for eyebrows and face. We use the very best products so that your skin does not suffer in any way. Post threading, the area on your face, like upper lip or the eyebrow region, we apply a cold compress with a cold cream massage to relax your skin. We use sterile and medicated cotton balls that have anti-bacterial properties to keep you as far away as possible from any infections.


Over time - with repeated treatment - hair in the treatment area should become thinner and may eventually not continue to grow.
Only available at the Elmhurst and Worcester, MA locations
Walk-ins welcomed, appointments are encouraged

Our Pricing

  • Upper Lip - $10

  • Side Burns - $15

  • Underarm - $15

  • Arm - $20 + (half) $60+ (full)

  • Leg - $30+ (half) $60+ (full)