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Welcome to Inspiglow, the best hair salon in Lucknow for all your hair care needs. Our professional Root Touch Up services are designed to refresh your look and maintain the vibrancy of your hair color between salon visits. Whether you’re in search of the best home salon services in Lucknow or a luxurious salon experience, we are here to deliver outstanding results.


Why Choose Inspiglow for Your Root Touch Up?

At Inspiglow, we are committed to providing high-quality root touch up services that ensure your hair color remains flawless. Our team of skilled professionals uses advanced techniques and top-notch products to give you a perfectly polished look.

Expert Root Touch Up Techniques

Our experienced colorists are specialists in root touch ups, using precise techniques to blend your new growth seamlessly with your existing color. We focus on creating a natural and consistent look that enhances your beauty and keeps your hair color fresh.

Premium Hair Color Products

We use only the best hair color products to ensure optimal results for your root touch up. Our products are carefully selected for their effectiveness and quality, providing rich, long-lasting color that maintains the health and vibrancy of your hair.

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Convenient Salon Services at Home in Lucknow

For your convenience, we offer salon services at home in Lucknow. Enjoy the same high-quality root touch up services in the comfort of your own home. Our professional team brings all the necessary equipment and products to deliver a top-notch salon experience right to your doorstep.

Relaxing and Personalized Experience

At Inspiglow, we strive to offer a relaxing and enjoyable experience for every client. Whether you visit our salon or opt for our home parlour services in Lucknow, we are dedicated to making sure your root touch up is as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

Our Root Touch Up Services

We offer a range of root touch up services to meet your needs and preferences. Explore our options below to find the perfect solution for your hair:

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Basic Root Touch Up

Our Basic Root Touch Up service focuses on covering gray roots or regrowth to match your existing hair color. This service is perfect for maintaining your look and keeping your hair color fresh and vibrant.

Root Touch Up with Glossing

Combine our Root Touch Up with a glossing treatment for added shine and color enhancement. This service not only touches up your roots but also adds a glossy finish to your hair, leaving it looking healthy and radiant.

Full Root Touch Up

For a complete color refresh, our Full Root Touch Up service covers all the regrowth to blend seamlessly with the rest of your hair. This service ensures that your entire head of hair looks cohesive and beautifully colored.

Root Touch Up and Treatment

Opt for our Root Touch Up and Treatment service to not only cover your roots but also give your hair a nourishing treatment. This option is ideal for adding extra moisture, repairing damage, and enhancing the overall health of your hair.

Color Correction Root Touch Up

If you’ve had a previous color mishap, our Color Correction Root Touch Up can help fix unwanted tones and achieve your desired shade. Our experts use advanced techniques to correct color issues and provide a beautiful, even result.

Beauty Services at Home in Lucknow

Experience the best home salon services in Lucknow with our beauty services at home. We offer the convenience of professional hair care in your own space, providing the same exceptional quality as you would receive in our salon. Enjoy a personalized and efficient service with our salon at home options.

Root Touch Up Prices in Lucknow

We offer competitive pricing for our root touch up services, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment. Our prices reflect the quality of our products and the expertise of our team. For detailed information on our root touch up prices, please visit our Pricing Page or contact us for a customized quote.

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Refresh your hair color with the best root touch up services in Lucknow at Inspiglow. Whether you choose to visit our luxurious salon or enjoy the beauty services at home in Lucknow, we are dedicated to helping you achieve a flawless and vibrant look.

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