4 Ways To Achieve Volume in Fine Hair

It’s no longer the 70’s, but voluminous hair is still in style! Today, women all over are looking for ways to add volume to their everyday style. Whether you are curling or blowing out your hair, volume plays an important role in the overall look you are trying to achieve. Some people have different hair textures; volume is more challenging to capture for some with thin hair. Thin, fine hair requires more maintenance and TLC to achieve a noticeably voluminous style. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to achieve volume with your fine hair! See below for the five steps to achieve volume in fine hair, and discover how good volume can make you feel!

Achieve Voluminous Hair in 4 Steps

1. Wash Your Hair Properly

To achieve a voluminous look, the products you use when washing your hair can play an important factor. Clean hair is the best way to get the volume you want because as our hair becomes oily and greasy when it isn’t washed, it becomes flat. It is hard to create volume with dull hair, even more so when it is oily and hard to transform. Clean hair is happy hair that can be readily styled and volumized. Choosing products for voluminous hair is an important step. Shampoo products that include volumizing properties and ingredients are a great place to start and see how they work with your hair. Shampoo that offers volume is crucial because it gets applied to your whole head from root to end. It thoroughly washes out any oil from your head, giving you a clean result.

On the other hand, the conditioner does not necessarily need to contain volumizing properties. Conditioner is only placed toward the bottom half of your hair to the tips as it is the dry part of your hair. Conditioner is mostly a moisturizer for your hair and should not be placed on the top as it can produce oils to your hair that have just become clean. Knowing the importance of the two products and their differences will help you to achieve your desired voluminous look.

2. Add A Volumizer

Sometimes adding a volumizer to your hair is the best way to achieve extra volume. A volumizer serum or spray can be applied by rubbing a small amount between your hands and then massaging directly into your roots. Once used, blow dry the product so it can dry and settle into the hair. These volumizers typically last all day, giving you a voluminous look you feel confident in. For thin hair, volumizer products help them achieve their desired bouncy look and feel.

3. Blow Dry & Style

Blow dry techniques and adequately styling your hair will help you get a voluminous look. Make sure to towel dry your hair and rub out excessive water before picking up your blow dryer. Once your hair is ready, blow dry it after the product has been applied to wet hair using a round brush. With the round brush, blow dry each section downward and in an inward motion. Making sure the tips of your hair curl slightly and are pulled inwards will help to give a sleek blowout look. Repeat this process until your hair is entirely dried and bouncy.

4. Focus On The Roots

The hair’s roots are where the volume needs to be created. Remember your roots when blowing out and styling your hair. Grab half your hair upward to maximize volume and blow dry the roots. Hold it there or use hot rollers, or a blow-dry brush, for about 10 seconds. Do this for all areas of your hair, making sure you get all the sections of your roots. Once all spots are done, and your hair has cooled, you will notice tremendous volume created.