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Welcome to Inspiglow, hair salon in Lucknow for stunning global hair coloring. Our expert colorists are here to transform your look with vibrant and long-lasting hair colors that enhance your natural beauty and reflect your personal style. If you’re searching for the best hair color salon in Lucknow, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Choose Inspiglow for Your Global Colouring?

At Inspiglow, we take pride in offering exceptional global hair coloring services that deliver both beauty and quality. Our talented team of professionals combines their extensive training with the latest techniques to provide you with the perfect hair color that complements your features and lifestyle.

Expert Color Consultation

Your hair color journey begins with a thorough consultation to understand your preferences and goals. We discuss your desired shade, hair history, and maintenance expectations to craft a customized coloring plan. Our goal is to achieve the look you envision while ensuring the health and integrity of your hair.

Premium Products and Techniques

We use only the highest quality hair color products that are gentle on your hair and deliver vibrant, long-lasting results. Our colorists are skilled in advanced techniques, including balayage, ombré, and full-color applications, to achieve a seamless and beautiful finish.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

At Inspiglow, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment and follow the best practices to ensure that your hair color service is performed with precision and care. Our salon is equipped with the latest tools to achieve flawless and consistent results every time.

Relaxing and Enjoyable Experience

From the moment you enter our salon, you will experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We strive to make your visit enjoyable and relaxing, offering a range of amenities to ensure your comfort throughout your hair color service.

Our Global Colouring Services

We offer a variety of global coloring options to help you achieve the look you desire:


Full Hair Colour

For a complete transformation, our full hair color service covers your entire head with a single shade, offering a bold and fresh new look. Browse through a vast range of colors to uncover the hue that’s just right for you.


A popular and versatile technique, balayage creates a natural, sun-kissed look with hand-painted highlights. This low-maintenance option adds dimension and depth to your hair, perfect for a soft and elegant appearance.


For a dramatic and stylish effect, try our ombré coloring service. This technique blends darker roots into lighter ends for a beautiful gradient effect that adds movement and sophistication to your hair.

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Add subtle pops of color with our highlighting services. Highlights can brighten up your look and enhance your natural hair color, providing a fresh and vibrant update.

Glossing and Toning

For a touch of shine and color enhancement, our glossing and toning services are ideal. This treatment adds a layer of shine and can adjust the tone of your hair color to achieve the perfect finish.

For a touch of shine and color enhancement, our glossing and toning services are ideal. This treatment adds a layer of shine and can adjust the tone of your hair color to achieve the perfect finish.

Hair Colour Price in Lucknow

We offer competitive pricing for our global coloring services to ensure you receive exceptional value for your investment. At Inspiglow, we are committed to providing top-notch hair color services without compromising on quality. For detailed information on our hair color prices, please visit our Pricing Page or contact us directly for a personalized quote.

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Experience the best hair color services in Lucknow at Inspiglow. Our team of skilled colorists is here to help you achieve a stunning new look with global coloring that highlights your beauty and suits your style. Book your appointment today and let us help you discover the transformative power of expert hair coloring.

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